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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is SunFlight?
A: SunFlight is an app that shows you the path of the sun for your flight. You can use it for whatever purpose you want, however most people use this app to help plan where to sit on their flight, based on the location of the sun.
This app is open source, so feel free have a look at GitHub.

Q: Are you still maintaining SunFlight?
A: I am no longer maintaining SunFlight. However since I've made the source code open source, you can always improve the app yourself. If you make any noteable enhancements and would like me to update the app, please fork the code and send me a diff to look at. If you would like to take over maintaining sunflight, then also please get in contact with me.

Q: When will the sun will rise and set on my flight?
SunFlight also tells you when the sunrise and sunset will be on your flight, so you can plan your nap and sleep times. The results summary will indicate when the sunset or sunrise will occur for each leg of your journey.

Q: Tell me more about how SunFlight works
A: SunFlight calculates the solar altitude and azimuth for every minute of the flight (based on a geodesic path of the flight), and then calculates which side of the plane the sun will be on based on the current bearing of the flight.

Q: At what point is the sunset/sunrise calculated?
A: Sunset and sunrise is determined when the sun's altitude reaches 6 degrees from the horizon from the ground.

Q: Does SunFlight calculate the exact flight path?
A: SunFlight uses the geodesic (shortest path) between two points, which in most cases will simulate the approximate flight path.

Q: How can I contact the creator of this site?
A: Contact me at

Q: Does it work on iPad / iPhone?
A: Yes it should work with the latest iOS version for both iPad and iPhones.

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